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    Kịch bản The Lost Shoes


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    Kịch bản The Lost Shoes Empty Kịch bản The Lost Shoes

    Bài gửi by Sakura Fri Oct 22, 2010 12:18 pm

    Screenplay of “The lost shoe”

    Little Pea:Khả Hân

    Stout Nut’smother:Huỳnh Giao

    Little Pea’sfather:Kiều Tiên

    The Prince: Linh Như

    Stout Nut: Linh Như

    The Fairy:Kiều Tiên

    Story-Teller:Me : Kịch bản The Lost Shoes 66068

    Once upona time, there was a poor farmer had a daughter named Little Pea. Little Pea was a beautiful and kind girl. Her motherdied when she was young. One day, her father called her to tell a veryimportant things. He said:

    Father: Little Pea, i want to tell you this things.
    Pea: Huh? What will you want to say, dady?
    Father: Do you want to have another mother?
    Pea: Yea, of course, dady!

    Pea smiled with alovely smile. But she didn’t think that she was wrong.

    Her father’s marriedagain with an old widow woman . His new wife had a daughter, Stout Nut. Nutwasn’t pretty and kind like Pea, she and her mother was very cruel to LittlePea. Pea had to do chores and heard her new mother scold all day.

    Mother: Pea! What’s this dust? You are so lazy!
    Pea: but…mom…
    Stout Nut: Hey sister! You are so terrible!

    Pea was wet with tears.But, her mother shouted her angrily and harshly.
    Mother: Don’t cry like this! So nauseating!
    Father: Why do you do that with my daughter?
    Mother: So, Why don’t you see what does your daughter do? What alazy girl!

    Pea’s father was veryupset while he saw his daughter be maltreat. So, his condition worsens.Unfortunately, he had a broken heart. Before he died, he said Pea:

    Father:Pea! You must live hapily, like what you do when yourmother had lived.
    Pea: Dady! Don’t leave me alone! Dady!

    Her father closed hiseyes, and never open again. Pea shouted, and cried all day. That day, she didn’t care about anything, include her mother and her sister.

    Time Pass quickly,summer came and went. In the fall, the village held its harvest festival . The festivals was very animated . That year,the things made everyone excited best as the prince wanted to choose his wifefrom the village. Of course, Stout Nut eagered to be prince’s wife.

    Nut: Mom! Did you makeme a new clothes?
    Mother: Yea, of course!See! It’s very nice, right?
    Nut: YEA! MOM! I loveyou! Ilove you! I will be the prince’s wife, won’t I? Ah.. Won’t i, Pea?

    Pea: Herr…Mom… Howabout me?
    Mother: Just a rag angugly girl, how can you be his wife! Stupid!

    Pea ran into the gardenand cried again. While she was crying, a pretty fairy appeared and stepped intoher.

    Fary: Why are youcrying?
    Pea: Bevause i don’thave any clothes to wear to join thee festivals!
    Fairy: I can help you.Now, close your eyes!

    Pea closed her eyes.She felt somethings shine surrounding her body. Whe she opened her eyes. Shesurprised because she was wearing a beautiful dress.

    Pea: Wow~! That’s sogreat! Magically!
    Fairy: You are verybeautiful and splendid.
    Pea: Thanks!!! Thankyou very much!

    The fairy dispeared.Little Pea was very happy and ran quickly to the festival.

    In the festivals, Peamet a person, with the luxurious clothes as the prince, and very handsome. Peabrushed some second. He extended one’s hand to her.

    The Prince: Would youlike to dance with me?
    Pea: Herr… Yea!

    Little Pea and the boydance a romantic song. But, while the song hadn’t ended yet, Pea ran quicklyand huried

    Pea: Sorry! I’m Late!My mom will scold me! See you soon!
    The Prince: But… Hey,wait!

    Pea dropped one of hershoes and lost it. She couldn’t find it. When the prince found the shoe, hedecided to marry the girl who owned it. He held a event:

    The prince: Everybody!Who fit this shoe will be my wife!

    Many girls tried to fit it, but none can doit. When Little Pea’s turn started, she fitted the shoe. As the degine, Peabecame the Prince’s wife and they immediately fell in love each other.

    The wedding organizedjubliant, and they were happy together forever.


    Tổng số bài gửi : 213
    Join date : 29/08/2010
    Đến từ : Kazano clan
    Job/hobbies : Quản trị mạng + học sinh THCS

    Kịch bản The Lost Shoes Empty Re: Kịch bản The Lost Shoes

    Bài gửi by Sakura Wed Oct 27, 2010 11:01 am

    Tình hình là... sắp phải diễn. Bà con cô bác, ai tên gì nhớ khai báo giùm sak 1 tiếng. Sẵn, mình đóng story teller =))

      Hôm nay: Thu Sep 28, 2023 8:08 am